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Welcome to Wiregrass Kings Athletics!

 "Wiregrass Kings exists to glorify God as we play competitive sports."*


Wiregrass Kings is a not-profit organization established in 2011 for the benefit of home schooled students and Christian school students (who aren't offered these sports) who are interested in participating in a competitive sports program.  We offer boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, and girls’ cheerleading for basketball.  Our mascot is the Kings and our colors are purple and gold.  Our purpose as a team and as individuals is to give all glory to God as we seek to play competitive sports. 

Our prayer is for the students to exemplify the Lord in all they do as individuals and as a team.  Parents are strongly encouraged to work with us to help their child build character and a strong work ethic through athletics and encourage them to accept growing responsibility as they mature.  Our prayer is to provide an athletic experience that offers encouragement, confidence in one's ability, and discipline.  In cooperation with parents, we seek to help build strong, confident, yet humble servants for Christ.


Statement of Faith

Our statement of faith is based upon the biblical truths of our Christian beliefs that we support as the foundation of our organization.  Our desire is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, be united as one body of Christ, and to exemplify the body of Christ on and off the field.  We strive to learn competition in a Godly manner. 

All athletes wishing to participate in this program must agree to respect our beliefs, be compliant and participate during prayers and displays of patriotism, and not be disruptive of our right to conduct these traditional and ceremonial events.

*mission statement adopted July 2015



*If you have any questions about this website, or how to change or add any sponsorship information, please contact:webmaster@wiregrasskings.org